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Turning Point

Over the last weekend, I found myself in a lecture named "turning point" about the ways to be present at the moment and be calm no matter who and what's going on around you. Since then, I tried listening to myself, checking how I feel, noticing the senses in my body, and realizing that my responses are calmer and more pleasant than before. My breaths are becoming more relaxed, and I'm happier then I was.

But before all of that, I was stressed of all the assignments like opening a business account on Pinterest: (You can start following me :) )

Manage my Etsy shop (don't miss my 20% discount... )

And working on a new design for an earring,

listening to video lectures about online marketing

and being a mom to Alex.

For this week, my goals are finishing the earring, getting more traffic to my shop, building an "Amazon Handmade" shop, and staying calm during all of this.

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