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Nimby means "Not In My Back Yard". It's a geography term that used to point out the things we need/want to have but we don't want them in our place. So as the holiday shopping season started I feel torn between two worlds. One as a business owner that wants to participate in November's crazy sales and advertising, marketing my jewelry shop and ship worldwide, and one as an ecological person who among other things believes in reducing consumption in order to fight climate changes.

On top of it, there is the metal industry that in her core is an industry that destroyed lands and soils and I find my self creating metal jewelry for my living and love it, but at the same time thinking what can I do in that field in order to reduce damages to our planet. One answer is to create jewelry that I believe is not about trends and fashion changes but about who you are for the long run, what's makes you special and lets you stick out as an individual.

Another thing is that I decided not to take part in November's sales festival, and not making coupons and discounts on my jewelry shop for 30 days! The idea behind this rebellious move is to promote wise consumption. That means that if you want to purchase something you better not be tempted to use discounts, but rather think about"How many times I'm going to wear it?". If the answer is 1-2 times it's better you pass and not buy it, but if you're going to use it a lot and wear it with multiple outfits then you should own it.

I hope next time you're going to buy something keep that in mind and do wise choices :)

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