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September First

עודכן: 2 בספט׳ 2019

First time in seven years that I'm not going to school on this day. Five months ago I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and I made a choice to drop out of the teaching path in order to become a freelance metalsmith, a dream that I've been carrying with me for 15 years since my first lesson in metalsmith college.

A few weeks ago I started to learn an ETSY course and opened an online shop to sell my handmade jewelry.

With that done I decided to write a blog (the one that you are now reading) in order to make myself commit to the process of a freelancer's way of life. 

In this blog, I'm going to share with you once a week my steps as a freelance metalsmith and an online shop owner, and I invite you to share with me your knowledge, insights, and experiences. 

Meanwhile, my aims for this week are to design and create new earrings and learn more about blogging. 

Stay tuned for next week :)

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