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Happy New Hebrew Year

As always, during this time of the year, I find myself summarising the year that went by and think about the things that this new year will bring with her: new opportunities, new creativity, new challenges and happy new moments. Unfortunately, this year that was great in so many ways, ended with my grandmother's younger sister laying in the ICU having a system failure. It's heartbreaking to hear my grandmother's sadness, and I'm hopping that this new year will get better. As for the year ahead, I have so many wishes, but above all, I wish for health and happiness to my family and friends. On a personal note, I wish to create, write, imagine, sell my art, share my knowledge, and learn from others. Also, I would like to be in movement and grow as individual, as a couple and family as well as an independent business owner. In order to get there, I'm going to make a schedule for each day of the week and will do my best to stick with it, and still remain flexible and caring with Alex, being a good enough mother. Happy new Hebrew year!

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