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Challenges! Not "Difficulties"!

As the week goes by my energy flies away, and I'm trying to finish my to-do list, but I realized that it's more difficult than I thought it'll be.

I found myself working on a new jewel with my left eye focusing the flame on the metal and my right eye is on Alex, my baby girl, who has just started to crawl no matter what's in front of her. No need to say that Alex has won the battle for my attention.

Furthermore, my aim to read and learn more about blogs has unfortunately not come true, with my busy schedule that includes CrossFit and drumming lessons :)

On the bright side at the e-commerce class, I met several wise women that shared their knowledge with me and I realized that's been a while since I took some time to myself and I need that time during the tremendous changes as becoming a mother, left my job as a teacher and open a new business. so I decided to find a therapist who will escort me and help me switch my state of mind to accept my path as a challenge I need to overcome. I guess that this is my aim for this week along finishing the jewel I started... who wants to guess what's it going to be?


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