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Between CrossFit, Drumming & a Photo Editing Workshop

It was a busy week with two CrossFit training sessions, one drumming lesson, a Photo Editing Workshop and a general elections on top of all that. (I voted of course).

I started CrossFit three weeks ago, and it gives me energy, motivation, quality time with my partner, fitter, and makes me feel sexier and alive.

As for the drumming lessons - it is a joyful time, taking me back to my childhood, getting to know new musicians and songs and I have a common activity with my partner since I gave him a lesson for his birthday, and it definitely challenges my coordination skills.

On Friday I was in a "photo and editing by smartphones" workshop, with Dana Israeli, in order to take good pictures by myself and upload it to "Missmish studio". I learned how to use my smartphone camera in a better way - correct lightning, composition rules, and editing apps that makes life easier (Snapseed & Pixlr).

Between all of that, I continue to work on a new earring, and by trial and error, I'll succeed in doing this eventually.

As for managing my Etsy shop - I am changing photos, updating the ad's program, following other interesting shops, connecting my shop to my business Pinterest page, and between all that trying to enjoy the ride.

As for my goals for this week, I plan to create at least one more jewelry and take new pictures of my old jewelry according to what I've learned at the workshop.


On the election day, there was a special sale on music instruments, so we bought an electric drums set :)

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